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Site Map
This Site Map gives you a complete overview of the Living Safely site, showing both main category pages as well as each sub-category page. If you wish to explore any area you see on this page, simply click on the appropriate hypertext link (indicated by blue/underlined text).

Welcome - Our main page, offering brief explanations about the various areas on this site.

Books & Booklets - Our main books page, showcasing the different books and booklets we currently offer.

Products - Neat and useful products of particular use for travelers away from home, those preparing for emergencies and others concerned about their health, safety and security.

News & Recalls - This page features breaking news on health, nutrition, travel, food and product recalls, safety or medical advances. You can choose to get information sent to your computer, mobile phone, BlackBerry®, iPhone® or other device.

Keep In Touch - Here you can follow our various Twitter feeds, become our fan on Facebook, watch us on YouTube, read our Blog, see us on My Space, read our Press Releases, buy our Swag and even send us a good old fashioned e-mai!
Press Releases - Read recent press and media releases concerning Living Safely

Useful Links - Helpful links to other, third-party sites or other useful information
Governmental links - Hosted by governments, useful for travel emergencies
Press & Media links - Connect to press and media organizations around the world
NGO links - Visit non-government organizations, useful for travel or medical emergencies
Dates & Holidays - Important dates, holidays, anniversaries
and commemorations
Road Conditions - Links to road and highway conditions in the US, Canada and the UK
Calculations - Useful calculations relating to health, safety, medical and travel issues

Site Map - This page

Terms of Service - Explains under what terms we offer our products and services and how to contact us.